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Home Textiles

Brighten up your interior with our creative and flowery aprons, tablecloths, oven gloves.

From the kitchen…

At Le Comptoir Irlandais, we have everything you need to enhance your interior and bring colour and fantasy to it. For your kitchen first, put on our aprons, gloves and mitts full of colours and various patterns from the Irish brand Ulster Weavers for an original and so Irish side. They will be perfect to accompany you when you cook your favourite dishes or even new recipes from overseas (for more inspiration, consult the Cooking section of our blog which is full of delicious recipes: Irish coffee, mince pies, Worcestershire eggs…)

… to the bedroom and the living room!

We also have what you need for your living room and/or your bedroom, the essential accessory for your interior: the plaid! Made by the Avoca brand in Ireland, in mohair and wool, they will nicely garnish your sofa or your bed and will be close at hand to keep you warm on cold winter evenings or for a cocooning moment. Get yourself a cup of your favourite tea or a nice hot chocolate, add the warm and comfortable Alwero slippers to your feet and you're ready for a real moment of relaxation!

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