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When a Breton whisky producer also wants to choose the best of Scotland, in homage to his "opposite cousins ​"...
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Lénaïck LEMAITRE first created "Naguelann", a whisky 100% made in Brittany near Saint-Malo in France, by developing a range of blending, refining and distilling pure malts.

In the meantime, with two friends and associates on Naguelann, he has set up a Whisky bar / shop in the historic center of Saint-Malo. They called it "ArKoad", a Breton translation for "the forest".

To have more singularity in the choice of whisky offered, Lénaïck decided to cross the sea and choose his own Scottish barrels, to bottle them with his personal touch, its blends and its finishes.

It's the story of a passionate guy

It's the story of a Celtic culture

It's “AK Scotch Whiskey Collection

The strength of these whiskies lies in Lenaïck’s experience. In fact, he touches all trades in the "Whisky World" universe: tasting in his Malouin bar, distillation in his Breton distillery, independent bottling and woodworking in his cellar in Scotland. Add to that a passion for "good product" and the best of Breton and French terroir ... it gives you real taste nuggets in a purely fun spirit.

Lenaïck, with AK, is also the defender of an idea which is progressing: to make the tasting as accessible and as fun as possible. This obviously goes through natural colour and unfiltered traffic.

Another technique is involved in bottling: the search for the "optimal degree". He searches for each of his whiskies, the degree of alcohol or the aromatic balance and texture is at its peak.

His whisky is not reduced to 40 ° and is not often bottled in casks. The alcohol level is often between 45 ° and 50 °. Lenaïck, drop by drop, during long sessions of analysis of his whiskies, reduces the alcohol level until the "peak" of equilibrium. One more process that proves the experience of this passionate and the enormous work carried out around his creations.

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