High Coast

The High Coast distillery is located 480km from Stockholm on the banks of the Angerman River on the site of an old sawmill from which it takes its name.
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Formerly named Box Destilleri, High Coast moved to Sweden and started distilling in 2010.
The particularity of this distillery comes mainly from its climate, in fact the temperature can vary between seasons by nearly 70°C. It reaches -30°C in winter and up to 40°C in summer.

As a result, the aging of the whisky is impacted because the pressure inside the barrels varies, allowing a greater interaction between the wood and the liquid. This variation allows a faster maturation of the whisky and helps to give a unique flavor.

The distillery is ideally located near a river allowing the cooling of the condensers. The water used in the elaboration of whiskies comes from a lake located northeast of Kramfors. This pure water, filtered through sand and carbon filters, allows a distillation of character with very fine aromas.

The finesse of its whiskies promises a bright future for this Swedish distillery.

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