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Maison Coquerel

The Coquerel house produces its Calvados and other spirits based on cider produced from around forty varieties of apples and pears from Normandy.
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Calvados Coquerel were born in 1937 in Milly in Normandy, under the direction of René Gilbert. Over time, the Manoir Coquerel developed by building up large stocks of great Calvados.

With growing success in France in the 1990s and after large renovations, it was awarded the Grand Prix d'Honneur from the President of the French Republic four times for the most beautiful Calvados cellar.

The hallmark of Calvados Coquerel is their production from around forty different varieties of apples and pears for Normandy cider, certified AOC Calvados. From these fruits harvested at their maturity in the surrounding farms, a cider is obtained which is then transformed into brandy thanks to three traditional copper columns.

The Calvados are then aged in barrels, in contact with the wood of French oak barrels, and soak up all their structure and complexity. Among these barrels, some contained cognac, rum, wine or even pommeau de Normandie.

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