Guinness Golden Ale 50cl 4.5° View full size

Guinness Golden Ale 50cl 4.5°

• Volume0.5 L
• ABV4.5 °
• TypeAmber Ale
• BrandGuinness
• BreweryGuinness
• CountryIreland
• RegionCounty Dublin
• Reference :22862

4,30 €

The Guinness brewery, famous for its brown beers, has been developing also lighter premium beers such as the Guinness Golden Ale.

This golden beer reveals a well-balanced taste, with subtle malted barley flavours mingled with the lively bitterness of a fruity hop.

The story of Guinness is a combination of passion and inspiration. This is the story of an Irish beer that became, with a bit of magic, one of the most popular beers in the world.

Arthur Guinness, brewery founder

Bière GuinnessArthur Guinness opened his first brewery in 1755. In 1759, he signed a lease agreement of 9000 years for the decommissioned brewery of St. James’s Gate in Dublin. His son, Arthur Guinness, developed his father’s work and the brewery became the largest of Ireland. The brewery started exporting to England, and then became global with exports to Portugal, the West Indies, Sierra Leone and New York. In 1850, Sir Benjamin Lee Guinness, son of Arthur II, took over the family business and became Deputy Mayor of Dublin.

The brewery never ceased to grow and kept on exporting more. It is now the largest brewery in the world with an annual production of 1.2 million barrels. In 1997 Guinness PLC and Grand Metropolitan PLC merged to form Diageo PLC. The name comes from the latin word for "day" and the Greek word for "world". In 2009, the brand celebrated 250 years and the success has continued since!

Guinness Poster Toucan

Guinness, a stout beer

Guinness is a brown beer with a strong caramel taste and a slight coffee note. It convinced millions of consumers around the world. Guinness is a stout beer, stronger in alcohol than most beers and taste, but also made from roasted malt and roasted barley grains. Guinness is also characterized by a lasting thick white foam top that appears when served on tap, also to be found in cans and bottles, thanks to the "floating widget" that recreates the effect produced by nitrogen.

An Irish icon

Guinness is certainly one of the most iconic Irish beers. Each can, bottle and glass boasts the Irish harp, well before being used as a symbol for the Irish nation. As an interesting historical footnote, you might notice that the harp appears the other way round

Guinness also developed widespread communication campaigns. Who does not know, the famous Guinness posters available worldwide? This made Guinness a unique, internationally recognized beer with a unique taste and a strong character.

A place to see in Dublin: the Guinness Storehouse.

Guinness Storehouse

The old Guinness brewery has been turned into a full-scale museum, retracing the whole history of the brand. A unique museum shaped like a giant pint, built over seven floors!

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Guinness Golden Ale 50cl 4.5°

Guinness Golden Ale 50cl 4.5°

The Guinness Golden Ale has been brewed with premium quality hops, irish barley and amber malt.

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Contains barley.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Best before: see neck.

Colour: rich golden colour.

Nose: pleasant hoppy flavour, with malted and biscuity notes.

refreshing, malty and biscuity with delicate hoppy flavours.

Finish: clean and crisp.

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