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For Christmas, win trips to Ireland and lots of other prizes
Great Contest for our 30-year anniversary

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For each quiz question, a hint helps you find the right answer. To view the contest in Englsih language, just click on the British Flag. To play, just click on the answer you want to select. There are prizes to win each week!

Christmas is coming... What if you were to win a trip to Ireland or other prizes by participating in the Great Contest for our 30-year anniversary? For 2 months, try each week to win one of the 90 prizes of the contest and participate in our Final Draw to win a great VIP trip to Ireland with a visit to the Bushmills Distillery.

Each week, a random draw takes place among the names of participants who have correctly answered the quiz. For each quiz, a clue helps you find the right answer. With each correct answer, you increase your chances at the final draw to win our biggest prize: a great VIP trip to Ireland with a visit to the Bushmills Distillery.

We invite participants to play to all quizzes to increase their chances in the big draw.

Good luck !

Extraordinary gifts to win among 90 prizes to win!

Bushmills Distillery

Enjoy a privileged break for 2 in Northern Ireland and a VIP tour to the Bushmills Distillery.
> Discover the Bushmills brand <

 Brittany Ferries

Discover Ireland with the Brittany Ferries Sapphire Box and the Brittany Ferries Emerald Box.
> Discover Brittany Ferries <

Teeling Bikes

The independent Teeling distillery revives the production of Pot Still Whiskey in the heart of Dublin where the brothers Jack and Stephen Teeling have opened their new distillery.
> Discover the Teeling brand <

London Tradition duffle-coats

London Tradition's duffle-coats combine a modern cut with traditional manufacturing methods and premium materials to make them both stylish and practical.
> Discover the London Tradition brand <

Irish Plaids Avoca

The Irish family-owned company Avoca is both one of the oldest fabric manufacturers
and a popular multi-product chain in Ireland.
> Discover the brand Avoca <

Aran Woollen Mills

Aran Woollen Mills, located in County Mayo, West Ireland, is inspired by its unique environment to create both traditional and contemporary Irish woollen jumpers in its Westport garment shops.
> Discover the Aran Woollen Mills brand <

Items from Inis Crafts Collection

Inis Crafts is a 100% Irish family business that offers
high quality woollen clothing inspired by traditional Irish craftsmanship.
> Discover the brand Inis Crafts <


The results of the prize draw

Discover the winners our Great Contest special 30-year anniversary

 The draw was conducted by our judicial officer among all participants who answered correctly the three questions of our Quiz. The winners will be contacted individually.

Here is the list of winners. 

Period 1 : 16th to 22nd octobre 2017

The correct responses to the quiz were : 1/ Cork, 2/ Ireland et 3/ The Old Bushmills

Aran Woollen Mills Purple Jacket

Mme Riou Christiane
Mme Antier Christelle
Mme Charlot Françoise
Mme Lardez Nadia

Aran Woollen Mills Blue Sweater-Cape

Mme Dahirel Leslie
Mme Bourriez Monique
Mme Le Monnier Stéphanie

Aran Woollen Mills slippers, Snood, Barry's Gold tea (metal box), Travel Mug

Mme Levy Dany
Mme Jegu Roxane
Mme Lavaud Elisa
M. Jourdain Jean-Luc

Aran Woollen Mills Man Sweater, Barry's Gold tea (metal box), Travel Mug

Mme Bigourdan Françoise
M. Leleu Joffrey
Mme Luprescu Muriel
Mme Lacroix Myriam

Period 2 : 23rd to 29th octobre 2017

The correct responses to the quiz were : 1/ London, 2/ Merino wool et 3/ Aran sweater

Mme Macaire-Etoc Béatrice
Mme Grall Lucette
Mme Foucat Myriam
Mme Aubert Françoise
M. Donati Hervé
Mme Ait Oubenai Malika
M. Marie Régis
Mme Mahieux Laëtitia
M. Faveaux Jordan
M. Chevray Yannick
Mme Massot Vanessa

Congratulations to all participants and to the winners ! The contest continues until 16th december with a new quiz every week.

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