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Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Box 70cl 50° + 2 glasses

Distillery : Port Charlotte / Country : Scotland / Reference: : 23253

Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Single Malt is a powerful peated whisky from Bruichladdich Distillery. The sweetness of malted and smoked Scottish barley contrasts well with the marine freshness of this whisky.

We find all the traditional flavours of Islay with finesse. The distillery used barley from the village near the "Loch" (lake) of Port Charlotte to make this Single Malt. With slow distillation and smooth ripening, Port Charlotte Scottish Barley whisky is particularly graceful and balanced.

This expression is presented in a beautiful box with 2 tasting glasses included.

68,00 € tax incl.

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Volume0.7 L
ABV50 °
TypeSingle malt
DistilleryPort Charlotte

Port Charlotte is a whisky distillery located on the isle of Islay, which has been established by the neighbouring Bruichladdich distillery.

It has been established in the buildings of the former Lochindaal distillery. Located in the heart of the Port Charlotte village, Lochindaal has been founded in 1829 by Colin Campbell. It had to close down in 1929, hit by the prohibition laws enforced in the United States. Bruichladdich announced the creation of a new distillery in 2007, and today Port Charlotte produces the peated whiskies of the Bruichladdich group, together with the Octomore editions bought back in 2012 by the Remy Cointreau group.

A rare fact in Scotland, the Bruichladdich distillery (“Bruk-ladie”) uses a brewing vat in open air. Its onion-shaped stills have a very flat bottom and a long neck. During the distillation process, the alcoholic vapours rise very slowly, imparting to the whisky its elegance and refinement.

Colour: golden lily.

Nose: opens on a powerful, smoky wave of peat with iodine scents, crushed shells, charred oak, black pepper, paprika and tobacco that struck all the senses. Slowly, gives way to more subtle and complex notes of vanilla, ripe figs, sweet dates, marinated pears, freshly ground malt, caramel and pecan nuts, for a smoky, sensual overall.

Palate: impressive with a warming, silky texture of peat overflowing the palate, with a grand, bursting profusion of flavours. Extremely deep and complex, the smoky barley brings sweetness and contrasts superbly with the marine freshness and caramel and vanilla richness. The whisky gains even more complexity with a touch of citrus fruits and oak.

Finish: very long.