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Irish Ballads CD + Booklet Volume 2

Brand : Waltons / Country : Ireland / Reference: : 33993

Discover the 100 traditional songs and Irish ballads included on this Irish music pack! The pack includes a CD and a booklet with guitar chords and lyrics.

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Ireland would not be Ireland without Irish music! Irish pubs are the meeting place for fans of traditional music and musicians who love to share their passion.

Many traditional instruments such as harp, bagpipes, bodhran, tin whistle are played in these pubs. Waltons is a reference in the world of Irish music. The company was founded in 1922 by Martin Walton in the Dublin area. Passionate about bringing Irish music to the public, he opened his own manufacturing company to distribute instruments but also books and CD.

Waltons has two stores in Dublin and a music school. Today, the company is known for its quality products as well as for its respect of Irish tradition.