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Lustau Don Nuño Sherry 75cl 20°

Brand : Lustau / Country : Spain / Reference: : 24540

Dry Oloroso Don Nuño is a slightly oxidative style Dry Sherry. It is a balanced and delicate wine which has the capacity to transform its firm structure and its strong acidity into a grace full of sweetness.

This Sherry, which has been aged for 12 years, is marked by notes of nuts mixed with a touch of black tea combined with salty and caramelized flavours.

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Volume0.75 L
ABV20 °
Age12 years

Since 1896, the Lustau family has been using their sandy vineyards (or "arenas") for the production of Moscatel. However, only white chalk terroirs make it possible to create an authentic dry and refined sherry wine.

If the best vineyards on "albariza" (chalky soil) are not located at the seaside but rather between 10 and 30 km from the sea, it is the aging in barrels near the ocean that arouses the maritime notes that can be found in some sherries. The best known of all is Manzanilla, a separate appellation for Finos raised in the seaside town of Sanlucar de Barameda. However, the sea aspect is also present in the sherry grown in El Puerto de Santa Maria, very close to the port of Cadiz.

We often hear that the iodized sea air infuses wines while they are in barrels. What gives sherry a little extra is first of all the combination of oxidative aromas with those born during ageing in flor, i.e. the marriage between salty and caramelized notes, for example. In addition, the permanent blend in the barrel structure of the solera gives rise to a union of wines rich in oxidative aromas, with younger and more lively wines. These latter characteristics are generally not found in "classic" oxidative wines.

Nose: butterscotch, date and brown sugar.

Palate: dried apricot, orange, pecan nuts.

Finale: smoked, nutty aroma.