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Offer rum at Christmas, 8 gift ideas to brighten up your winter


In winter, when the cold snaps its nose and when we dream of exotic lands, the places where rum is made, evoke the sun, the fine sand and the holidays.

Travel to 8 exotic destinations through the Christmas selection of our rum cellar.

1. Père Labat 8 years– Guadeloupe

Père Labat 8 years

Guadeloupe consists of an archipelago of 7 islands that give it a butterfly shape seen from the sky. One of the smallest islands of this archipelago is Marie-Galante, nicknamed the island of the hundred mills and very well known among lovers of agricultural rum for the quality of its production. It is here that Père Labat’s agricultural rum is produced by the Poisson distillery. Made from fresh sugar cane, the 8-year-old Père Labat rum comes from an exceptional vintage considered one of the best in the world with a spicy character developing abundant and sweet aromas of exotic fruit, chocolate and flowers.

2. Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 – Dominican Republic


A country in the Greater Antilles, the Dominican Republic occupies about two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea, Haiti occupying the western third of the island. With its hundreds kilometers of white sand beaches lined with coconut palms, but also its small fishing ports and almost inaccessible villages, the island invites to vacation. Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 rum has aged 15 years using the Solera method. The result is a rum that is both complex and sweet.

3. Arcane Extraroma – Mauritius

Rhum Arcane Extraroma

Formerly "Isle de France", Mauritius is located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Mascarene archipelago, between Reunion in the west, and Rodrigues island in the east. This patch of sunny white sand has a reputation as a destination for stars. Arcane Extraroma is made only from the distillation of pure fresh juice of sugar cane. It has a nice freshness and the expression of a spicy terroir.

4. Zacapa 23 Solera – Guatemala


The Republic of Guatemala is a country of Central America, a historical territory of Mayan civilization that emerged about 1,000 years before the Christian era. The country has fascinating Mayan archaeological sites. Zacapa 23 Solera rum is aged using the Solera technique of blending rums of different ages and allowing them to age in a cascade of casks: American bourbon, sherry and Pedro Ximenez wine.

5. Saint James Vintage 2001 – Martinique

Saint James Vintage 2001

Both the French Department of America and the European outermost region in the heart of the Caribbean, Martinique is often called "the island of flowers". The distillery of Saint James was born in 1765, at the foot of the peeled mountain, on the island of Martinique (at Sainte Marie). The 2001 vintage rum of Saint James meets all the requirements of the AOC of the agricultural rum of Martinique. The 2001 harvest was exceptional in terms of the quality of sugar cane producing a very round rum, very fruity and suave.

6. Mount Gay XO – La Barbade

Mount Gay XO

The island of Barbados is an independent state part of the British Commonwealth. By 1703, rum was distilled on this Caribbean island. This XO rum (extra old) is an opulent blend of the best brandy from Mount Gay, aged 8 to 15. XO exudes the finesse that only time can bring. Mount Gay XO is one of the most rewarded rum in the world.

7. La Hechicera - Colombia

Rhum colombien

The Colombian territory is made up of tropical forests, the Andean cordillera and numerous coffee plantations. The rum La Hechicera (the enchantress), is a blend of rums aged between 12 and 21, aged in American oak barrels previously burned, according to the Solera aging method. This rum is a tribute to Colombia, country to nature and breathtaking biodiversity.

8. Kiyomi White Rum - Japan

Rhum japonais

Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan is famous for its dense cities, imperial palaces, mountainous national parks and thousands of temples and shrines. Japan also produces rum on small tropical islands in the south of the country. Kiyomi means "pure beauty" in Japanese. This white rum is distilled in column stills and made from molasses from the sugar cane of Okinawa Island. It is an aromatic explosion and reveals exotic, smoky and spicy notes.

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Article written by Manon C.

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