Born in Brittany

Born in Brittany, France

As a former fine food and specialties shop, Le Comptoir Irlandais opened up on the harbour of Brest as a supplier for commercial ships transiting in the bay of Brest.

Over the years, the store specialised in Irish products: typical whiskey, Aran sweaters, tea and rugby shirts directly imported from Ireland.

In 1987, the brand was officially registered in Brest as Le Comptoir Irlandais, a big step for the small grocery!

Port of Brest in the beginning of the 2000'

Crédit photo : ADEUPa-Brest (2003)


A beautiful story of exchanges

From a first shop on the harbour of Brest to 46 shops today in France

Between the Celts, Irish, Britons and Scots, the vibe felt right from the very beginning. People came from far away to discover and enjoy Irish products and rare Anglo-Saxon specialties. Naturally, Le Comptoir Irlandais came to Quimper and was then established in Nantes and Rennes. Today, it is a network strong of 46 stores all over France.

Le Comptoir Irlandais in Brest in 2023

Le Comptoir Irlandais of Brest in 2023

We are proud to source the best of Ireland (and Scotland) and the highest quality food enjoyed by Irish people from the four corners of the world. Le Comptoir Irlandais offers a wide variety of products from inspiring origins. Our whisky cellar contains more than 1.800 references, including a lot of Irish whiskeys.

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Reliability and ethics

Life in the harbour of Brest is pretty much like life in Ireland: we enjoy discovering the world, we appreciate open-minded people and strong relationships based on mutual trust. We pay a special attention to our customers and suppliers, partners of our trademark identity.
Our presence in Ireland is the only way to discover genuine and unique local products made by family run businesses, such as the small Folláin jam factory in Cork County or our range of Mileeven cakes from Kilkenny. We keep good relations going with prestigious companies such as Bushmills, the oldest distillery in the world based in Antrim Country, Northern Ireland (April 1608 !).

We've built over time a strong partnership with our suppliers that enable us to provide you with genuine, sometimes unusual products but always of the highest quality.



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Authenticity and innovation

Deeply innovative, critical and highly demanding, we rely on our enthusiasm and our curiosity in order to surprise you with fine new products.

Whether our products are made on the soil of the Green Island or “Out of Ireland”, we pay attention to every step of their journey from the producer to the retail store. We value every producer, manufacturer, supplier, salesperson and web designer as a key part of our process and as a partner of our quality system, as we endeavour to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

 We hope to provide you with many reasons to come back as Irish and Scottish Ambassadors in France!

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