White Rum

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Where does white rum come from?

White rum is characterized by a short maturation time which makes it the youngest of rums. It can either not be aged, have aged less than 18 months or be charcoal filtered to remove its colour.

White rum can be agricultural or traditional. Agricultural rum comes mainly from the French West Indies where it is produced from cane sugar juice. Traditional rum is produced from molasses, which are found mainly in the British Caribbean and in Latin America.

Among the famous white rum distilleries we find in particular Saint James or Trois rivières, both located in Martinique.

Rum tasting

White rum can be enjoyed neat as well as in cocktails.

If you appreciate the floral notes, fresh cane and vegetal hints, agricultural white rum will conquer your taste buds. If you are looking for a rounder white rum, with hints of vanilla, lean towards white rums from Spanish tradition.

The aromatic palette of white rums is so vast that it offers a multitude of possibilities for the creation of cocktails. Agricultural rum is perfect for full-bodied and refined cocktails such as Ti Punch. Traditional French rums express the best of themselves in home-made arranged rums. Finally, Hispanic rums, which are lighter, are perfect for preparing cocktails such as Mojito or Pina Colada.

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