Teeling Whiskey Company (TWC)

TWC is an independent distillery founded by Jack and Stephen Teeling, John’s son, who established the Cooley distillery in 1987.
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The Teeling family has been crafting Irish whiskey since 1782, date on which Walter Teeling founded one of the 38 Dublin distilleries in Marrowbone Lane in the area of Liberties. This is also in this area, at the heart of Dublin, that Jack and Stephen Teeling opened their own distillery, more than 200 years after their ancestor.

The Teeling Whiskey Company is the first distillery to reopen in the Liberties district.

The first bottle to come out of the distillery was auctioned for £ 10,000 for a charity based in the Liberties district.

Unlike other Irish distilleries triple-distilling their whiskey, this new distillery distils only twice (pot still), just like the Cooley distillery. It is the only distillery to produce pot still whiskey in all of Dublin. Moreover, Teeling likes varying the whiskey finishes, imparting a real gourmet edge to the traditional Irish character.

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