Chocolate Biscuits & Cookies

Crunch on our stunning cookies, biscuits and chocolate bars selection made by world-famous Irish, Scottish and English brands.

The pastry differentiated from the bakery in Egypt when fats and sweet products were added to bread : this is how pastry was created. It kept developing during the following centuries. The time of the Crusades imported spices such as cinnamon which were immediately used to make cookies. At the time, biscuits were mainly consumed by sailors because it kept better than bread.

Then the triangular trade made it possible to introduce products such as vanilla, chocolate or even coffee. New varieties of cookies were created, regional specialities developed... This phenomenon intensified with the industrialization of the 19th century when new biscuits factories emerged and became increasingly famous.

Chocolate can be found in different forms. It can be used as chocolate chips in cookies ; the East Coast Bakehouse brand offers several varieties. It can also be a coating for very gourmet cookies as offered by the Jacob's brand. Chocolate goes well with fruits : the Campbells brand presents its range of chocolate chip cookies mixed with, for example, cranberries, lemon, raspberry or even apricot.

Delicious biscuits for a gourmet break

These cookies are delicious to taste with hot drinks. For tea lovers, you will find what you are looking for in our range of black, green or white teas as well as in our infusions and rooibos section. You can also opt for a chocolate drink : Whittard of Chelsea offers powdered chocolates with various tastes. What better way to enjoy these treats than to sit comfortably with a blanket and woollen slippers in front of the fireplace in winter?

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