Ready-made dishes

Be sure to try the traditional steak & kidney pie or the delicious Scottish Haggis. A pleasure to be shared or enjoyed alone!

Quick and easy to prepare

The advantage with ready-made meals is that you just have to put your feet under the table! This saves you time when you're in a hurry while keeping the great taste of a homemade dish.

Among our selection of the deli corner, you will find the unconditional ready-cooked dishes typical of the gastronomy from across the Channel to enjoy alone or to share!

Discover the Irish Stew, a traditional dish made with veal, and the Haggis, a famous Scottish dish made with lamb.

Let yourself be tempted by the soups of fish and shellfish from the Breton cannery La Paimpolaise, cooked and prepared with fresh vegetables.

To make your own English Breakfast, do not miss Baked Beans, these famous white beans in tomato sauce that  the British love for breakfast. To complete your dish, combine beans with black pudding, sausages or even fresh salmon that you can discover among our fresh products available in some of our stores.

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