Cakes & Gingerbread

Taste our homemade recipe and enjoy our mellow, rich and super-fruity cakes with your friends and family.

The pleasure of sharing

To end a family meal on a sweet note or for a snack with some friends, there is nothing better than a fruit cake to share. Discover the delicious fruit cakes from the Irish family business Mileeven, generously and flavourfully garnished with fruits.

You will find in particular the delicious Irish artisanal cake made with grapes, cherries and almonds. An Irish fruit cake with an inimitable taste with its blend of gourmet spices.

For fans of dried fruits, discover the recipe of the "Irish Tea Break", a typical Irish cake. This original black tea cake is also called "Halloween Tea Brack" because it is often eaten during Halloween.

Christmas flavoured cakes

When we mention Christmas cake, we immediately think of gingerbread with its spicy and comforting flavours such as cinnamon, cilantro, ginger or star anise. Gingerbread is mainly eaten in winter around Christmas time.

This is also the case with the Christmas pudding. An unmissable Christmas cake made with dried fruits and beer (or whisky), the pudding is served on many Anglo-Saxon tables during the end of the year celebrations. In the British tradition, families passed on from generation to generation their own recipe of "Christmas Pudding" to serve on Christmas Day.

For a gourmet and comforting break

To accompany these delicious cakes, let yourself be tempted by our wide choice of teas and infusions from the greatest Irish, English and French tea houses such as: Barry’s Tea, Hampstead Tea or Dammann Frères.

For chocolate lovers, succumb to the sweet chocolate flavours of Whittard of Chelsea chocolate powder. Perfect to enjoy under a blanket, by the fire in winter or as a milkshake to cool off in summer.

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