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Whisky also converts to organic! To be certified as such, organic whiskies must be composed of 95% ingredients from organic farming.
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Whisky from organic farming

Knowing the composition or the origin of the products we consume has now become essential information for consumers. The same goes for whisky producers who are increasingly trying to meet this demand by launching the production of organic whiskies.

To be certified organic whisky, its composition must contain at least 95% ingredients from organic farming.

If the production of organic whisky shows the desire for greater respect for raw materials, this also places the distillery in an ecological approach.

Organic and aromatic

For the most reluctant who might think that a whisky would lose in aromatic richness because of its biological origin, on the contrary, it contains all the natural essences of barley and the terroir on which it grew. This is exactly the case with the organic versions offered by the Waterford, Nc'Nean or Benriach distilleries.

Organic growing at Comptoir Irlandais

In addition to organic whiskies, Le Comptoir Irlandais is developing a range of products from organic farming. For several years, you have been able to find throughout our universe a range of organic beers or a range of teas, infusions and rooibos from organic farming.

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