Whisky Liqueurs

Made from Scottish or Irish Whiskies combined with spices, honey and other flavours, whisky liqueur is consumed as a cocktail, aperitif or digestive.
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Whisky liqueur

Whisky liqueur is an alcoholic beverage composed of whisky, sweeteners (such as sugar, honey or maple syrup) and flavorings (such as herbs, spices, fruit or vanilla). The ingredients are blended and left to rest to allow the flavors to develop. This results in sweeter, more complex flavors due to the sweet and aromatic additions.

Whisky liqueurs have a lower alcohol content than whisky, often between 20 and 35%.

Types of whisky liqueur

Drambuie: 100% Scotch whisky liqueur distinguished by its heathery aromas. Its production dates back to the 18th century, on the Scottish island of Skye.

Saint Brendan's: Irish cream whisky made with Bushmills whisky and fresh cream.

Southern Comfort: Very fruity and spicy American whisky liqueur. Ideal for cocktails.

Irish Mist: Irish liqueur made with herbs, honey, clover and other herbs.


You can drink it neat at room temperature or with ice, but also in cocktails, as in Irish Coffee and Whiskey Sour to add a little sweetness. You can also use it in recipes to flavor desserts or sauces.

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