Scarves and snoods

Wrap up in warmth and style and brave the winter with our high-quality woollen wraps and snoods.

During cold seasons, a coat may not be enough to keep you warm. Since the neck is one of the parts through which the cold penetrates the body, what better way to protect yourself from the cold than with a scarf or snood! Moreover, they can add a glamorous touch to your winter or mid-season look.

Whether it is merino wool scarves, Lambswool scarves, or wool snoods, find the accessory you like.

A little story about scarf

In the Middle Ages, it was customary for knights to wear a lot of equipment, including a cloth. As a mark of attention, a gift from a lover or a simple shroud, the scarf accompanied the knight in armour into battle long before it became a distinctive and practical military sign. Even before wearing the colours of his faction or the troops, the scarf was often a token of love that the combatant took with him to the front.

How to wear the scarf?

There are different ways to wear a scarf. You can roll it up slightly and then put it around your neck, making one or two turns without tightening it too much, depending on the length of your scarf.

You can also fold it into a triangle before wearing it. This is a more methodical way of wearing your scarf, with the point of the triangle falling more often on your chest.

More simply, you can wear your scarf as a cape, i.e. thrown casually over your shoulders to replace a mid-season jacket or to add a layer of warmth over your coat.

The origin of the snood

The term snood comes from the fusion of the words scarf and hood. The name was shortened to snood to avoid saying "scarfhood". In the middle of the 20th century, in Great Britain, the snood was used by workers to protect their hair. In France, we can also use the term "cache-cou" to refer to the snood.

How to wear the snood?

The snood can be worn very tightly around the neck or as a necklace leaving the neck free. The snood has the advantage of being malleable, so it can be worn rolled up or loose, depending on your preferences and the weather.

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