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The real difference between a cream and a liqueur is the amount of sugar contained in the bottle, a cream being sweeter than a liqueur.
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The difference between a cream and a liqueur

Did you know? The difference between a cream and a liqueur is in the sugar and alcohol content. Cream is more concentrated in sugar and less alcoholic than liqueur. Cream is, however, considered a liqueur.

Among the liqueurs we find mainly those based on plants and spices or based on fruits (orange, lemon, cherry…). The selection also includes whisky liqueurs made from Scottish or Irish whiskies, to which are added aromatics, spices, honey and other ingredients. Irish Mist is a great classic.

On the side of creams or cream liqueurs we find in particular the whisky cream. This is a liqueur made from whisky and cream usually amounting to 17°, a speciality straight from Ireland. It can be enjoyed hot, cold, pure or with ice cubes. It’s also an ideal ingredient for many cocktail recipes, including recipes made with Saint Brendan’s Whiskey Cream.

How to taste creams and liqueurs?

There are different ways to taste your liqueur. Usually it is enjoyed alone or on ice cubes as a digestive, after a meal and after coffee. However, creams and liqueurs can also be enjoyed as an aperitif in cocktails, milkshakes or hot chocolate like in Ireland.

For your aperitif, accompany your drink with delicious salted biscuits, crisps or verrines made from seafood or vegetables.

For dessert and to accompany your digestif, opt for our selection of cookies and cakes such as shortbreads or, for the most gourmet, chocolate cookies.

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