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Discover our selection of Scottish beers very atypical. Belhaven and Inis & Gunn breweries are two of the largest breweries in Scotland and are represented at Le Comptoir Irlandais.
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A little trip back in time ...

Like its neighbour England, the earliest traces of beer date back 5,000 years, when the Celts began brewing barley-based beers. It was in Skara Brae in Scotland, on sites dating from the Neolithic period, that the first signs of brewing activity were discovered in the United Kingdom. Since the Middle Ages, Scotland being an integral part of the British Empire, their histories, including those of beer, have been inextricably linked: it was indeed in Edinburgh at the beginning of the 19th century that was invented the recipe for India Pale Ales (IPA) to meet the growing demand for beer in the British colonies.

Today, the Scottish brewing tradition continues with typical Scottish creations like the famous Scotch Ales. With more than 50 microbreweries active in Scotland, the next generation is assured!

Quality beers to accompany delicious snacks

With numerous international awards and exported to over 35 countries, the Innis & Gunn brewery is arguably the most renowned in Scotland. Belhaven, the oldest brewery in the country, is no slouch with its beers made with 100% Scottish malt and water from a local source.

Our Scottish beers only ask to be accompanied by salted biscuits, crisps or spreads, a large selection of which you will find in our Aperitif & Snacking section: all the ingredients for a successful aperitif just a click away!

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