Vests & Cardigans

Put on your wild nature look with one of our warm and stylish cardigans and vests.

A little history

Worn by French and British fishermen since the 17th century, the French "gilet" became a cardigan in 1854 during the Battle of Balaklava in Ukraine after the legendary victory of James Thomas Brudenell, Count of Cardigan: the latter, keen on fashion, wore a jumper that he would have cut in the front with a sabre in order to put it on more easily.

The garment quickly became popular within both high society and working classes. It was Coco Chanel who sublimated it in the 1920s. Sixty years later, Agnès B. modernized it and launched her famous cotton fleece snap button cardigan... The cardigan has even conquered the world of music thanks to artists like Kurt Cobain and his legendary grey cardigan, which sold a few years ago for $ 334,000 (€ 300,000)!

The cardigan nowadays

Today, the cardigan has become a real fashion accessory: ideal for wearing over a t-shirt or shirt in mid-season or in winter, it finishes an outfit in the best possible way.

The zipped vests of the brands Out of Ireland and Celtic Alliance will go wonderfully over a t-shirt or shirt from our collection and will bring a modern touch to your outfit.

Are you looking for an item of clothing to face the cold? Wool cardigans are what you need! In extra-fine wool or merino wool, they will wrap you in warmth and softness all winter long.

For a special occasion or simply for an elegant look, opt for example for a tweed cardigan from Emerald Isle Weaving that you can match with an Irish shirt from the same brand.

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