Barbour jackets

Barbour jackets are quality garments that have been designed to be robust and waterproof thanks to the use of oiled cotton.

A little bit of history

Barbour was born in 1894 in the fishing port of South Fields, England, at the end of the Industrial Revolution. Its founder, John Barbour, then imported oilcloths to provide sailors and dockworkers with sturdy, waterproof clothing that would enable them to face the elements. The brand's rain clothes then spread to other professions in search of quality and waterproofing, and even dressed Navy submariners during World War II. Although Barbour jackets, for the sake of tradition, have changed very little over time, one of the characteristics of these jackets remains completely unchanging: their quality. Indeed, today Barbour even supplies the Royal Court of England.

Timeless jackets that are easy to match

The Barbour jackets are made from high quality oiled or waxed cotton. Maintained regularly, their lifespan is exceptional. Each jacket can be associated with its fleece lining to wear underneath for foolproof comfort and warmth. Opt for the matching hood from our Barbour collection which will guarantee you maximum protection against the rain.

Our wool sweaters from the Irish brand Aran Woollen Mills will complement your outfit perfectly, especially since being hydrophobic (that is to say capable of retaining body heat even when wet), they will allow you to face the same weather conditions as our Barbour jackets.

These jackets also go very well with a shirt, more particularly a checked shirt, for a traditional and elegant style at the same time.

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