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As the name suggests, distilleries that offer whiskies that come from a single cask are called Single Cask.
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What is a Single Cask whisky?

Where many whiskies are made from a blend of multiple barrels in search of the best balance of aromas, a Single Cask whisky is, as its name suggests, made from a single barrel, without blending.

The making of a Single Cask whisky

Single Cask whiskies are originally Single Malts, produced from malted barley that will be fermented and distilled, all within the same distillery. The distillate is then aged in barrels and when this Single Malt comes from a single barrel, it takes the name Single Cask.

As Single Malts are produced in much larger quantities, uniform flavours will be looked for during its manufacturing. While in the case of Single Cask, it is the unique side that will be highlighted, an opportunity to work with more complex, richer aromas, which sometimes allows the distilleries to break their production habits. The choice of the cask for the ageing stage therefore plays a major role in the production of a Single Cask whisky.

Unique expressions

Single Cask whiskies are usually very beautiful expressions, often offered in limited edition, which highlight all the know-how or the innovation of the great distilleries.

Single Casks are also an opportunity for independent bottlers, such as Douglas Laing, Signatory Vintage or Gordon & MacPhail, to showcase their expertise.

Our close collaboration with large distilleries allows us to offer beautiful Single Cask expressions through our exclusive bottlings.

These expressions from unique barrels are an opportunity for all malt lovers to discover new taste horizons and leave room for beautiful surprises!

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