Our whisky favourites

Comptoir Irlandais invites you to discover its favourites. From Single Malts to peat whiskies or Japanese whiskies, let yourself be guided by this wide range of very good whiskies to offer or to treat yourself to.
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Our whisky favorites

Comptoir Irlandais invites you to discover its current whisky favorites. Whether you're a whisky connoisseur or just an amateur, our selection will delight you. Discover single malts, peated whiskies and Japanese whiskies. Let yourself be guided by this varied range of fine whiskies to offer as gifts or to treat yourself to.

Single Malts

Discover our single malts. The "Single Malt" appellation is reserved for whiskies from a single distillery that use only one malted grain, usually barley. Chosen from the world's finest distilleries, our whiskies will take you on a journey of rich and varied aromas. Perfect for moments of relaxation or to accompany special occasions.

Peated whiskies

For lovers of intense flavors! Peat has a unique, distinctive taste, often described as burnt rubber, chimney fire, ash, licorice, clove or even eucalyptus.

Japanese whiskies

Today, Japanese whisky enjoys a formidable public image. It's the spirit to discover. Stocks are very limited and distilleries are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing demand. It is now easier to find Japanese whiskies without an age statement at reasonable prices. Age-marked whiskies are particularly sought-after by collectors.

Tasting advice

To fully appreciate your whisky, pour a small amount (between 1.5 and 3 centiliters) into a tasting glass. For the best tasting experience, make sure your whisky is at room temperature. If this isn't the case, opt for whisky stones, which lower the temperature of your drink from 20° to around 10° without diluting it with water.

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