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Drawing on solid experience, Le Comptoir Irlandais has carefully selected spirits and alcohols from all over the world.

Our cellar is enriched every year with new spirits and alcohols greatly appreciated for their distinctive aromas and flavours.

Our journey starts with Irish whiskey, Scotch, American or Japanese whisky, Rum originating from various regions and countries around the globe, as well as a selection of iconic beers from Ireland, which are some of the few samples of our cellar.

Discover our special choices and rely on our knowledge to make your selection.

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Whisky selection

Le Comptoir Irlandais holds a cellar which offers a legendary choice with more than 800 whiskies and gift boxes... Our generous cellar features Irish whiskey, Single Malt Scotch whisky, Japanese, Breton, American Bourbon... We might discover the perfect spirit just for you with more than 250 references produced by renowned brands, available in our retail stores. You may also make a special selection from more than 350 rarities waiting for you in their distilleries in the heart of Ireland and Scotland....

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Irish whiskey

Scotch whisky

American whiskey and bourbon

Japanese whisky

Other whiskies

Vintage whisky

Scotch whisky

In Scotland, whisky production is divided by regions – Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Campbeltown, Islands and Islay – even if this classification is not fixed and only applies to malt distilleries.

These regions of origin appeared in the 80’s, as the Single Malts range expanded rapidly.

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Ardbeg distillery

Rum selection

30 years after the beginnings of the whisky cellar, as we wished to share our experience and encounters,
rum was naturally introduced in our retail stores.

Rum of the former British Isles, or Ron of the Spanish speaking countries, is a spirit originating from the Americas. We may distinguish two types or rums, such as traditional rums made from treacle/molasses and cane juice rum made from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice.

Rum may be drunk white, aged in casks (old rum) with methods similar to whisky, or spiced. Rum takes a light or dark amber colour.

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Liquors & other spirits

Discover our special spirits such as very sweet creams and liqueurs, one the greatest and most renowned being Irish Mist, made from Irish whiskey.

We also offer gins like Hendrick's, Plymouth or Generous gin for cocktails and Chouchen, a spirit quite familiar to Bretons.

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Beers and ciders

We offer more than 50 beer references with blonde, amber or brown beer, ciders and gift boxes.

Experience the true Irish pub atmosphere in our retail stores and on the website. Irish, Scottish, English and Briton ales for everyone’s pleasure!

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