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Equiano is the meeting of Africa and the Caribbean in a rum, thus revolutionizing traditional rum production methods.
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Rum distilleries attach great importance to the rum-making process, emphasizing their traditional know-how and highlighting their local terroir.

Equiano has revolutionized these production codes and offers rums made from a blend of rum from the best distilleries in the Caribbean and Africa. Mauritius-based Gray’s distillery is teaming up with Barbados’s Foursquare distillery to create an exceptional range of rums, having won Gold medals in the world's biggest competitions on several occasions.

At the origin of this approach: Ian Burrell, the world rum ambassador and Richard Seale, owner of the Foursquare distillery.

Together, they decided to create this Equiano rum in honour of Olaudah Equiano, a Nigerian who was sold as a slave in the Caribbean and who was able to free himself from his condition thanks to his talents as a rum trader, allowing him to earn enough to break free from its chains.

A real figure in the fight against slavery, for freedom and equality thanks to his writings, he had an important impact on the law on the transatlantic slave trade.
In line with these values, Equiano rum gives back 5% of the company's profits each year and $2 from each bottle purchased directly to the Equiano Rum Codes Foundation, which finances freedom and equality projects.

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