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Flavoured Teas

Discover a world of flavours with our delicious flavoured teas : rose, vanilla, mint, bergamot...

The delicacy of flavoured teas

Whether they are made from black tea, green tea or white tea, flavoured teas are a real moment of pleasure during tasting.

Among our wide selection of teas, discover many flavoured teas for every moment of the day:

- Citrus fruit tea flavoured with lemon, orange, grapefruit or bergamot ... for fresh, slightly tangy and deliciously fruity teas. Try the Earl Grey tea flavoured with bergamot, much appreciated by English speakers for its delicacy and freshness.

- Fruit tea for a moment of delicacies based on red fruits, exotic fruits, apple, strawberry ...

- Fresh and delicate floral tea with scents of rose, jasmine, violet, lotus ...

- Mint and vegetable tea for a sweet and refreshing break.

- The spicy and woody tea combining a strong character in the mouth and a comforting side with notes of cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cloves ... Among the most famous spicy teas, we find Christmas tea mainly tasted during winter and the end of the year time.

Did you know?

Flavoured and scented teas are not exactly the same thing.

Flavoured teas are generally the result of adding natural aromas, obtained by extracting odorous substances present, for example, in spices, citrus fruits or flowers in the form of essential oils, extracts or concentrates.

Unlike scented teas which are the result of adding ingredients like flower petals or pistils. The most widely used scents to flavour teas are rose, magnolia and jasmine. Later, the experts began to add dried fruits, spices and herbs.


To enjoy your tea as it should, there are some preparation tips to follow, such as the temperature of the hot water, the brewing time, the tea dosage ...

For a perfect Tea Time, we recommend that you enjoy your hot drink with delicious shortbreads, traditional Scottish biscuits.

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