Spiced & Woody Teas

Spicy and woody teas are synonymous with character and intensity. Strong and delicate, this alliance seduces with its many aspects that we like discovering or rediscovering. Green tea or black tea, they combine well with the strength of spices to explode in a strong character without bitterness.

Discovering spices

What would our food be without a bit of spices? Originally from tropical regions such as South-East Asia, South America or the West Indies, it is these fragrant, generally vegetable-based substances that give our dishes or drinks that unique flavour.

The virtues of tea, coupled with those of spices, are an excellent combo to recharge batteries before starting the day.

In our selection of flavoured teas, we offer spicy and woody teas, based on green tea or black tea, for tea with character without bitterness.

Among our spicy and woody teas, there are teas made with spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, pepper or liquorice.

Chai Tea is a great classic among spiced teas. It is a traditional Indian drink usually made by combining black tea with spices. It is often enjoyed with a cloud of milk. Discover the Chai Tea Latte recipe to make your own spicy drink.

Christmas tea is also a delicious, spicy and tasty tea, to be enjoyed during the winter period.


Spiced tea is not only a delectable drink, but also an excellent source of hydration and benefits for your body.

To enjoy your tea to the fullest, follow the tasting rules, pay attention to the temperature of the water and the infusion time.

We advise you to drink your spiced tea after meals or in the afternoon during Tea Time. Feel free to add a cloud of milk for a milder drink to be enjoyed in the morning at breakfast.


Store your spiced tea in a place away from light in an airtight tea box and from humidity to keep it fresh.

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