Bags and satchels in leather and canvas, felt handbags or knitted wool bag ... You will fall for these original creations. Bags are essential everyday accessories that are both beautiful and useful.

The handbag is the ultimate fashion accessory, which has become as much used for its aesthetic side as for its practical use. Of all shapes, sizes and colours, it has accompanied women for decades and is an integral part of their outfit, just like a scarf or a hat. The exterior can be as eccentric as the interior is intimate!

The evolution of the handbag

The first handbags appeared in the form of small purses tied at the waist containing coins during Antiquity. We will adopt the term handbag from the 11th century.

Over time, it becomes an object more and more worn by women, their clothes not having pockets. It is adorned little by little with ornaments, frames and embroidery and is made in new materials: skins, leather, silk, fabrics, etc.

The place of the handbag took a turn in the 18th century when the style of clothing changed to large puffy fabrics It then became a marker of social class.

A wide variety of choices

To accompany you in your daily life, at work or on the go, often equipped with internal and external pockets, the handbag is ideal to contain everything you need, from the most necessary to small unforeseen emergencies.

Even more practical, the Aran Woollen Mills handbags have a shoulder strap allowing you to carry it more easily while having your hands free.

The clutch or wallet version is smaller, less bulky but just as practical and can be worn easily during events or special occasions.

The tweed handbags from the Irish brand Mucros Weavers bring an inimitable style to your look with a so chic English touch between herringbone or tartan patterns! For a total look, it goes perfectly with a duffle coat or an Aran sweater.

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