In 1830, in the small village of Callander in the Highlands, Donald Campbell baked his first golden shortbreads.
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Genuine Scottish shortbread

Today, more than 180 years and seven generations later, this small village bakery from humble beginnings has grown into Scotland's oldest bakery and continues to produce quality products.

Simple, gourmet and authentic, real shortbread is a classic in Scotland. Made from flour, butter, sugar, these delicious cookies melt in your mouth.

For over a hundred years, Campbells carts and vans have delivered delicious pastry platters to the surrounding villages. From the 1960s, the famous bakery became known to the greatest number with the development of tourism in the heart of the spectacular beauty of the Trossachs. Its delicious shortbread cookies have been found all over the world.

Delicious biscuits

Even today, the Campbells range is among the most consumed shortbreads in Scotland and combines the best traditional recipes with the finest ingredients: 100% pure butter, without palm oil, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Campbells draws on the know-how accumulated over 7 generations to produce the best cookies and always offers original and traditional packaging for an authentic moment directly from Scotland.

Campbells Shorbreads

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