Irish distilleries such as Bushmills and Midleton master the triple-distillation process and also dry barley in closed kilns, which are the main distinctive features of Irish whiskey.
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  • What’s the difference between whisky and whiskey?
    If the term whisky is universal, the spelling “whiskey” is more specific to the bottlings of Ireland and the United States. Discover also our selection of Scottish whiskies.
  • Where do we make Irish whiskey?
    Ireland is divided into 32 counties, at the Irish Counter you can find whiskies from the counties of Antrim, Carlow, Cork, Dublin, Louth, Clare, Meath and Waterford.
  • What are the big Irish distilleries?
    In Ireland, a large part of the production of whiskey is ensured by 3 large distilleries: Bushmills, the most emblematic, Midleton, one of the oldest Irish distilleries and Cooley, the youngest one. There are also more confidential productions and many projects throughout the Green Island.
  • What is the best whiskey in Ireland?
    It is difficult to get everyone to agree because its appreciation is specific to each one according to one's tastes, sensitivity and preferences. Our experts offer a selection of award-winning Irish whiskeys and collector whiskies!
  • What is the special feature of Irish whiskeys?
    In Ireland, 3 types of whiskeys are made, the Pot Still whiskey made from malted barley, the Single Malt whiskey and the Single Grain whiskey often used for blending. The mixture of at least two of them allows to create a fourth one, the Blended whiskey that the Irish produce particularly well.
  • Are Irish whiskeys peated?
    The peat is emblematic of Ireland. There are many Irish whiskeys like Connemara whose barley is dried with peat fire which gives the whisky this particular peat flavour. Discover all our peated whiskies.
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