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Men's clothing collection

Discover our genuine natural fabrics and materials and wear with style truly comfortable garments. Browse our extensive range of cotton sweaters to traditional Aran, accessories and jackets, for a unique, high quality, timeless classic style.

Spring & Summer New Collection

Discover the spring and summer new collection for men.

Out Of Ireland offers spring and summer pieces made with very nice fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled cotton or linen.

To make the ordinary extraordinary, the English brand Tom Joule reinvents the British style in their original way, with qualitative clothes made with many details and prints.

As for Ruckfield, their rugby polo shirts with fancy details, will appeal to many men!

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Plain, checked or printed shirts, long or short sleeves, button-down shirts are easy to wear with their urban cut and modern look.

Made in 100% cotton, 100% linen or a blend of cotton and linen, Out Of Ireland shirts are soft and available in several colours.

The Tom Joule shirts are crafted with the finest fabrics and features many details that will make them an item any men will turn for any occasion.

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Polos & T-shirts

A staple of the man’s dressing, polo shirts can be worn casually but are also fitted for a dressed-up look.

Long or short-sleeved, polo shirts feature embroideries and patches for a sportswear style. They can also show themselves more sober for a more classical side.

T-shirts are also an essential of the masculine wardrobe. According to their prints, they can reveal an off-the-wall side or express a message. Let yourself be seduced by our different patterns and colours.

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Sweaters & cardigans

Our sweaters and cardigans are available in a wide range of natural or bright colours, for a casual and trendy look, with highly detailed and creative finish.

Stitch lovers will be on cloud nine with our beautiful cable stitches and our natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen or wool.

To look both timeless and trendy, ours sweaters and cardigans will quickly become your essentials!

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Rugby collection

Rugby is above all a state of mind – a way to share values of respect, solidarity and courage.

Pick your favourite from our range of polo shirts inspired from great teams, and pair it with a vintage rugby ball and other accessories from the rugby world. 

Ruckfield, the brand whose Sébastien Chabal is the image, represents all the codes and values of rugby, be it elegance, hardness, sharing, friendliness... So does Canterbury with their trendy and stylish clothes.

Our rugby shirts state our idea of wellness and freedom. Discover our wide range of polo shirts with a casual modern look and trendy cuts for all the oval ball lovers!

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Try on our accessories for a trendy look!

Our scarves, woollen caps, cheche or tagelmust, will keep you warm when taking a refreshing walk in open air.

Belts and hats capture the eye and shape your style, so give it a try!

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Coats and jackets

Padded jacket, military or safari jacket, parka, bomber jackets… You will have an abundance of choices among our selection of coats and jackets.

For the more classic tastes, the duffle-coat and the Harris Tweed jacket will have an important place in the wardrobe with their timeless character.

To face the chilly spring days or the wintery cold with style, our coats and jackets are made with the finest fabrics.

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Our classics

100% pure wool sweaters, vests, throws and kilts... We offer natural and fashion clothing for men of all ages sharing a common interest in the simple and beautiful.

Aran sweaters and accessories

The famous and traditional Irish sweater comes from the Aran Islands located off the West coast near Galway. It has been created for seamen to protect them from the dampness and cold of the long winter months. Through centuries, these knitted pure wool garments have become iconic in the fashion world and are now adapted into jackets and accessories. Discover the unique expertise of traditional Irish workshops and the variety of knitted stitches, which make the true, warm and comfy Aran sweater.


The duffle-coat was firstly used by the Royal Navy during World War One, to provide sailors with a warm, waterproof coat. The name “duffle” derives from the wool, originally imported from Duffel, Belgium. London Tradition has carried on with the same traditional know-how and creates today duffle-coats of unrivalled quality.

Kilts & traditionnal clothing

The kilt was a wide woollen cloak originally worn by the “Highlanders”, Scots of the Highlands, but is also an item of Irish and Gaelic culture. The kilt was used as a protection against the rain and the wind. It features today in formal celebrations, weddings and traditional dance contests, but is also worn as a casual but original outfit. Our kilts are available in a variety of tartans.

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