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Distilleries regularly offer limited editions or special releases. These bottlings offer unique ageing, high quality whisky and are available in limited quantities. Future collector's vintage whiskies?
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The limited editions are an opportunity for the distilleries to think outside the box and introduce amateurs to all their know-how through unique expressions, with original maturations and original blends. We can cite the bottlings of the Irish Waterford distillery, each edition of which highlights a terroir and all the richness and complexity that characterise it. To find out more, you can read our interview with its founder, Marc Reynier.

With our INK # range, Le Comptoir Irlandais offers you exclusives in limited editions, created with the finest distilleries and carefully selected barrels to take you on a journey through new and unique experiences, full of richness and discovery.


Certain large distilleries produce limited editions which concentrate all their know-how in a prestigious expression. The opportunity for collectors to acquire exceptional bottling. These special editions are also often presented in sublime boxes reflecting the exceptional whisky they contain.

The events

Birthdays or even annual events are excellent occasions to unveil a limited edition and create a meeting much awaited by malt lovers.

The famous Islay Ardbeg distillery is a good example of this with their Ardbeg Day which brings together peat enthusiasts each year, awaiting their new edition.

Stopped productions

Undoubtedly, when the production of a whisky or even the entire distillery comes to an end, collectors and enthusiasts rush to the last available supplies before they are gone. Several Japanese whiskies have been victim of their success in recent years and since their closure, the productions of distilleries such as Port Ellen and Brora have become legendary!

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