Women's Kilts

The kilts, traditionally made from woolen cloth, protected the Highlanders, inhabitants of Scotland, from the harsh climate of the region. The tartan of the kilt, coloured checkered patterns, represents the Scottish clans. Gradually worn by women, the kilt is today an icon of Scottish and Celtic culture and adapts perfectly to modern or classic feminine outfits, as an original and unique element of the wardrobe.

The kilt only for men?

The kilt is a garment traditionally reserved for men who wore this garment with distinctive tartans in factories and in the army as early as the 18th century.

Over time this Scottish garment has spread throughout the world and is worn today in all circumstances and by anyone regardless of their nationality. The kilt has definitely entered our closets, whether for special occasions or on a daily basis.

We find the kilt worn by women mainly among bagpipe players.

The skirt being a garment particularly associated with women's fashion, the kilt is very easily available as everyday clothing for women. It has a slightly flared cut, a little shorter to highlight the legs, a lighter fabric, all with a more modern pleated effect.

The kilt skirt brings a real touch of originality to your wardrobe. With its colourful tartans, it goes perfectly with an Aran sweater or a shirt for a style that is both modern and casual, with a beautiful Irish cap for a unique Irish look!

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