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The breakfast essential

Among the delicacies that adorn our breakfast tables are jam and marmalade. These two products are particularly popular with the British and have become a kind of breakfast must-have.

Among our wide selection of marmalades and jams, you will find preparations from prestigious Irish and Scottish companies such as Folláin, Mackays and Mileeven for the great pleasure of your taste buds.

For a change from jams and marmalades for breakfast or a snack, opt for chocolate or fruity spreads. Discover lemon curd, a lemon spread that is reminiscent of the cream used in lemon tarts, which is very popular across the Channel. Find different recipes based on lemon curd that you can easily reproduce at home.

The difference between jam and marmalade

Don't confuse jam with marmalade. Jam is the mixture, brought to the right gelatinous consistency, of sugars, pulp and/or puree of one or more varieties of fruit, with water added. Marmalade is a mixture, brought to the right gelatinous consistency, of water, sugar and one or more of the following ingredients obtained from citrus fruits: puree, juice, pulp, water extract and peel.

There are also fruit spreads, which contain less sugar but are just as tasty.


The jam, at breakfast or at snack time, is spread for the greatest pleasure of the taste buds and brings all its flavour to its accompaniment: fresh bread, toast, brioche, pancakes...

To replace the sugar, you can use jam or marmalade in homemade plain yoghurt or cottage cheese to make a delicious fruity version. For example, you can replace the amount of sugar with the same amount of jam.

Jam and/or marmalade can also be used as an ingredient in your home-made cakes. Discover many delicious recipes in the cooking corner of our blog.

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