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Selection of Irish, Scottish and English food specialties directly imported from across the Channel. Discover our sweet and savory ranges for the pleasure of gourmets.

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  • Where do the fine food come from?
    Our fine food is rich in a multitude of Anglo-Saxon and Breton products! Directly imported from IrelandScotland and England, the food specialties take you to the heart of Celtic cuisine.
  • What are the English specialties?

    With Oldums, create your own English scones, perfect with Whittard of Chelsea tea at tea time !

  • What are the Irish specialties?
    Find Barry’s tea, much appreciated by the Irish people, or the traditional recipes of Folláin marmalades.
  • What are the Scottish specialties?
    Shortbreads are a staple of Scottish tea time. Also try the delicious marmalades from Mackays!
  • Which products to choose for an Irish aperitif?
    For a convivial moment under the sign of Ireland, opt for the Guinness chips, a sure value, the delicious smoked mackerel Irish Fish Canners or chutney spreads.
  • What is the difference between jam, marmalade and spread?
    The difference is mainly due to the proportion of fruit used in the preparation. Marmalade is reserved for citrus fruits and must contain a minimum of 20% fruit. For jam, the preparation must contain at least 35% fruit and the spreads at least 50%.
  • How to prepare a homemade brunch?
    Smoked organic salmon, black pudding, bacon, cheddar ... For brunch, your Irish Breakfast or your favorite meal, order the indispensable fresh products of Ireland in our stores offering this service.
  • What is the best tea?
    You will inevitably find what you are looking for among our exceptional assortment of teas from the best English, Irish and French tea houses: green teablack teawhite tea, rooibos... Choose from plain teasflavoured teas or herbal teas and infusions for a relaxing moment.
  • Does Le Comptoir Irlandais offer organic products?
    Yes ! For those who are keen on consuming well, our fine food offer gluten-free products as well as a range of organic products with the Organic Agriculture label guaranteeing a production method that respects the environment and animal welfare.
  • Some ideas for refreshing drinks?
    Our soft drinks are ideal for refreshing or making your own fresh cocktailsFranklin & Sons drinks are popular in cocktails. Just like iced tea, very quick to make with Whittard of Chelsea instant teas.
  • How to make homemade scones?
    A very easy to make Scottish specialty, scones are made from scone mixclotted cream and jam. Try our scones recipe!
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