Fruit preparations and spreads

Make your own marmalade with Ma Made and also find Fruit Tree and Folláin preparations and fruit spreads for sweet gourmet moments with less sugar.

Among our selection of marmalades and jams, you will also find fruit spreads prepared with quality fruit and less sweet than traditional jams.

Discover the Folláin fruit spreads exclusively at Le Comptoir Irlandais: blueberries, oranges, mango passion fruit... treat yourself.

Make your own marmalade with Robertson's Ma Made with thin slices of Seville orange. Enjoy on delicious biscuits and cakes.

How to taste your fruit spread?


Although it may seem unusual, marmalade is an ingredient that can be used in savoury dishes.

- As an aperitif:
Various recipes based on market gardening products, meat or fish are possible. Just add marmalade and you obtain a surprisingly sweet and tasty mix!

- As an appetizer:
It is possible to make a sandwich without butter, ketchup or mayonnaise! If you replace the seasoning on the sandwich with a fruit spread, with salmon or grilled ham, the combination is bound to be delicious!


- At breakfast
The fruit spread is perfect to accompany your morning toast or your slices of brioche at snack time. But also with rusks, pancakes or homemade scones.

- For dessert:
A small spoonful of jam in a plain yoghurt instead of sugar or in a fromage blanc. Jam can also be used to replace a fruit coulis in a panacotta, on a cheesecake or as a final touch on a fruity verrine!

- For a pie:
The ideal time to make beautiful fruit tarts is during the summer! You can add marmalade or fruit spread to the bottom of the pie to make it even more delicious.

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