Sauces & condiments

Browse through our range of sauces, dressings, spices, relishes and chutneys to serve alongside any meat recipes, dress up your salads or spread on your crackers.

Bring new flavours to your dishes

Essential elements of the kitchen, sauces, spices and condiments brighten up salads, meats and other dishes.

A condiment is a substance used to season foods or culinary preparations in order to enhance their taste. Most often, the condiment is of plant origin, but it can also be of animal origin like meat broth.

The sauce is also intended to give flavour and to accompany a savoury or sweet dish. The sauces are very diverse, with a more or less liquid consistency that can be thinned or thickened. They can also accompany cold meals and salad,s like for example mustard, vinaigrette or Caesar sauce, as well as hot dishes and barbecue dishes, like spicy sauce, barbecue sauce or chutneys.

Sauces and chutneys bring a unique taste and texture to your dishes, it's up to you to choose the one that suits you.

Among our selection of the deli corner, you will find the delicious Cottage Delight sauces in colourful packaging, Colman's mustards or even Heinz salad and sandwich sauces.

For the preparation of your dishes, also think of marmalades and fruity jams to bring a sweet touch to your preparation. Try the recipe for Chicken with ginger, sesame seeds and onions made with Mackays jam.

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