Smoked Teas

Smoked teas are teas whose leaves have been rolled and then smoked. The leaves are quickly fermented and then smoked in the volutes of a fire of branches, roots and spruce leaves.

Smoked tea

Smoked tea comes from Fujian in China. Lapsang Souchong tea is prepared by passing black tea over pine needles. This process creates a flameless smoke, impregnating the tea leaves with the aroma of pinewood. The tea leaves are then rolled and dried in the sun. It's all this preparation that gives the tea its smoky aroma.

This aroma is incomparable. It has a strong, smoky taste, like wood smoke. It is a slightly fruity tea; the higher the quality, the more pronounced the fruity taste.

Smoked tea comes from Asian know-how. The process is carried out in China and Taiwan, where craftsmen use ancestral production methods.

Health benefits

- Rich in antioxidants: helps protect the body's cells against free radicals

- Rich in flavonoids: anti-inflammatory properties, reduces the risk of chronic disease and improves blood circulation.


Smoked tea can be enjoyed in the same way as other black teas. You can also add milk and sugar. But if you want to enjoy 100% of the smoky taste, drink it as it is. It can be drunk for Tea Time in the afternoon with cookies and shortbreads, or after a meal to aid digestion.

Brew your tea for 3 to 5 minutes in water at 80 or 90°C in your best teapot or tisanière. After all, there's a whole protocol for enjoying your tea.

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