A moment of softness: in winter, curled up on your sofa by the fireplace, bundled up in a plaid. Cocooning happiness in all simplicity translates into moments like this. In mohair or lambswool, the Irish plaid woven using ancestral methods brings warmth, colour and softness to your interior.
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The essential accessory

Plaids have become essential in every home.

Did you know ? Originally, plaids were used by Scottish highlanders as coats to protect them from the cold and the wet weather. it also allowed them to show which clan they belonged to.

These woollen cloths were recognizable thanks to their tartan pattern, mostly red and green. The term plaid originally comes from Gaelic and means blanket.

Previously produced only in wool, it is now available in all kinds of material, cotton, linen, or synthetic material.

With the products of the brand Avoca, you will find beautiful pieces woven using ancestral Irish methods. With their warm colours, they will bring warmth to your interior.

Thanks to the variety of colours available, it is easy to associate it with your cushions, to match a colour from that of your carpet or your curtains. All the possibilities are open to you. The plaid has become an essential accessory to your decoration, a real interior garment just like slippers.

Prepare for a cocooning evening

The plaid is the ideal accessory for your cocooning evenings, it will help you stay warm during the long winter evenings in front of an invigorating fire. And nothing better than to bring a good cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows for a relaxing break. For lovers of teas or herbal teas, you can choose from our wide range of black, green or white tea as well as herbal teas and rooibos.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can enjoy your hot drink with an assortment of cakes and sweets.

To complete your cocooning outfit, our Alwero wool slippers will meet all your expectations. Their fleece style provides great softness and incredible comfort. Wrapped up in your blanket, you can't have a better evening.

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