Vests & Cardigans

Always in the authentic style, our wool vests and cardigans, round neck or buttoned V-neck are available in trendy colours of this year.

The cardigan and its history

We find the first traces of what comes closest to a cardigan in the 17th century when it was worn mainly by French and British fishermen. But it was James Thomas Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan in Wales, who gave his name to the garment during the 19th century after he slashed the front of his regulation military sweater with a sabre to make it freer to his movements. It will be marketed a few years later and improved by adding a button placket.

Worn by Coco Chanel, modernized by designer Agnès B and symbol of singer Kurt Cobain, the cardigan quickly gained popularity and became the emblem of English and then French high society.

Today the cardigan is a timeless ally in your wardrobe, ideal for mid-season or in regions with a changing climate. Wool and cotton cardigan, in all colours, with or without buttons, it can be worn by both women and men and can change a whole style by adding the final touch to your outfit.

Made by the Irish workshops Aran Woolen Mills and Inis Crafts, our wool vests and cardigans feature pretty sets of Irish braids and twists in the inimitable style of Aran sweaters. They go perfectly over a t-shirt or shirt to keep you warm and provide a modern touch.

Cotton cardigans from the Out of Ireland brand are lighter with a pretty openwork knit, a piece that dresses up an outfit in a soft and feminine style.

The waistcoat

If it is often used to also designate a cardigan, the waistcoat also has its own history. Originally, the waistcoat is a sleeveless garment that closes with buttons or a zipper in the front.

We go back to its first appearances at the time of Louis XIII but it really develops under Louis XIV and is worn associated with a long jacket. It is then long-sleeved and falls at the level of the thighs. It would later be shortened and lose its sleeves to take on the shape we know today. It quickly became the indispensable element of the three-piece suit worn by men.

The waistcoat gives a very chic and dressy style to an outfit, it is often worn at official ceremonies or in a professional context. It is usually worn over a shirt and can be completed with a jacket and even a cap to adopt the total Peacky Blinders Irish look with our beautiful tweed materials! And for a traditional Scottish wedding, the waistcoat goes perfectly with the kilt.

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