Sweet Instant Teas

Pick your favourite instant tea flavour and enjoy a delicious drink ready within minutes!

When tasty rhymes with fast

A real revolution in the world of tea, sweet instant teas will satisfy the most eager of amateurs. These are made using a freeze-drying or pulverizing process that turns the tea leaves into a fine, water-soluble powder. So, all you have to do is pour the desired volume of tea into the bottom of your favourite mug and add hot water to obtain an easy-to-prepare and deliciously comforting drink. On hot days, replace hot water with cold water and add ice cubes, and you have a wonderfully refreshing mocktail! For the recipe, it's here! If you like cold brew cocktails, find here other cocktail and mocktails recipes for a summer full of colours and flavours!

A recognized and appreciated tea house

The English house Whittard of Chelsea, whose expertise is now recognized throughout the world, offers a fine selection of instant teas with multiple flavours to enjoy in summer and winter alike. Renowned for more than 125 years for its teas and infusions, in bags or loose, Whittard of Chelsea also offers tasty chocolate powders, each more exquisite than the next. All you have to do is choose the perfect mug from our selection and you're ready to enjoy! And why not let yourself be tempted by a little treat to accompany it all?

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