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How is cider made?

Cider is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of cider apple (or pear) juice. Much of the cider production comes from France, and especially from Brittany and Normandy.

What are the different types of ciders?

Cider can be a “table cider” or a “capped cider” to qualify higher quality ciders.
Three types of cider are then distinguished according to their sugar content.
- Sweet cider, which has the lowest alcohol level (less than 3%) and the highest sugar content with a minimum of 35g/l;
- Semi-dry cider, with a sugar content between 28 and 35g/l and an alcohol content between 3 and 5%;
- Raw cider, which contains the least amount of sugar (28 g/l maximum) and whose alcohol content is the highest, around 5%.

There is also some mention of cider production. It is said to be traditional when it is produced from apple cider only; farmer when the production is made on the farm with apples from the orchard; artisanal when the cider is produced on the holding of which the producer is registered with the Chamber of Trades.

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