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The requirement of traceability and the search for products resulting from a sustainable agriculture led us to complete our selection with organic beers some of which are produced without gluten. Discover our lagers, amber and IPA with a range of fruity, malty and bitter flavors.
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How is organic beer produced?

An organic beer goes through the same manufacturing process as a classic beer. To create this distinction, it is necessary that the production process be environmentally friendly, i.e. no pesticides or chemical agents should be used. The raw material, whether wheat or barley, must also come from organic cultivation.

In France, the appellation of organic beer is very controlled and requires Ecocert certification to be able to benefit from the Bio or AB (organic farming) logos.

Organic is gaining momentum

The traceability of products, respect for the environment and transparency on production are increasingly sought-after parameters to better understand what we consume. This is why more and more organic beers are emerging and offer a range of choices among dark, blond or amber beers. We also find this trend among whiskeys, tea and fine food products.

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