The Highlands stretch at the extreme north of Scotland, and host the major “Scotch” whisky production.
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A vast region with its diversity of landscapes and whiskies

The Highlands, the largest whisky-producing region in Scotland, present a rather impressive variety of landscapes: mountains like the Grampians or Mount Ben Nevis coexist with lakes (including the famous Loch Ness!) and rivers, moors and hills. This diversity of landscapes is reflected in the whiskies, with no less than 47 distilleries that produce scotches from the strongest to the most floral: it is therefore impossible to classify them in one unique category. Each whisky will be different depending on the method of malt distillation, the quality of the water and barley, or the environment in which the barrels are aged.

Whiskies of all kinds for all palates

However, we can classify Highland scotches into four broad categories defined geographically:
- the North Highlands which produces whiskies with character marked by salt, spices and heather.
- the South where you can find lighter and more fruity whiskies.
- the East, which offers fairly dry whiskies, with more body than in the South.
- the West with its full-bodied and spicy whiskies with peaty and iodized notes.
A diversity of whiskies which will allow all lovers of this brandy to find their happiness for sure!

Among the most famous distilleries of the Highlands, we find in particular Highland ParkAberfeldy, Glenmorangie or Glenglassaugh.

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