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Discover our collection of beer straight from Ireland and find the must-have Irish brands such as Guinness, O'Hara or Smithwick's.
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A historical tradition

It's hard to talk about Ireland without mentioning its famous beers and no less famous pubs that can be found almost on every street corner. With an average of one pub for fifty inhabitants, you can't miss them! It was the monks who brewed beer until the 18th century: this method is still used today and remains firmly rooted in Irish tradition. Legend has it that even Saint Patrick had his own brewer!

A wide choice of Irish beers

Whether you are a fan of pale ales, brown or amber beers, you will inevitably find what you are looking for among Irish beers. For the most part world-famous, they need no introduction. If Guinness is the best-known of them, other brands like Smithwick's or O’Hara (more confidential) are strong competitors. Galway Bay beers, in beautifully colourful cans and bottles, have won numerous awards in Ireland and internationally. Not to mention the beers from the Dot brewery, located in the heart of Dublin, some of which have been aged in barrels that have contained Irish whiskey, Sauternes or even Mexican tequila… A unique taste experience!

In a bottle or a can, available individually just for a taste or in a box for the curious ones, we offer a selection of the best beers from the Emerald Isle. Assumed bitterness, caramelized or fruity aromas, many flavours are to be discovered!

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