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Among a selection of original rums, find the expression that suits you to taste pure or in cocktails: white rum, old rum, mixed rum ...
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Rhum Blanc

White rum is characterized by a short maturation period, making it the youngest of all rums. White rum can be either agricultural or traditional. Agricultural rum comes mainly from the French West Indies, where it is produced from cane sugar juice. Traditional rum is made from molasses, and is found mainly in the British Caribbean and Latin America. Famous white rum distilleries include Saint James and Trois Rivières, both in Martinique.

Amber rum

An amber rum is one that has spent between 18 months and 3 years aging in oak barrels, the wood of which gives it its beautiful amber color. Below this period, it is still a white rum. Beyond 3 years, it's an aged rum. Depending on where the rum is produced, it may be called amber, aged in wood, golden, gold or straw. Produced from the distillation of pure cane juice and on average 20% lower in alcohol than white rum, amber rum is renowned for its rich fragrance and smooth flavors. This makes it a highly prized rum for cocktails or for making rhum arrangé.

Old rum

An aged rum is one that has aged for at least 3 years in casks. During this aging process, the liquid develops its color and becomes enriched with tannin, producing an aged rum with woody flavors. These oak casks may sometimes have contained other alcohols such as whisky or cognac, giving the rum a distinctive taste. This type of rum has an alcohol content of between 40% and 75%. For rums that have been aged for more than 3 years in oak barrels of less than 650 liters, ageing is the final stage in the process. From our extensive rum cellar, we invite you to (re)discover emblematic distilleries from Martinique, such as Saint James and Trois Rivières, from Venezuela with Diplomatico, and from Barbados with Mount Gay.

Arranged rum

Rhum arrangé is a preparation of rum in which various ingredients, such as spices, fruit, seeds, leaves, bark and candy, have been macerated. Arranged rum is mainly made from white rum. Among the distilleries producing rhum arrangé are Breiz'île, with rums made from cut fruit macerated with syrup, spices and white agricultural rum from the West Indies, and Beach House, with its top-of-the-range rhums arrangés made from the finest rum from Mauritius. The Arcane brand, meanwhile, offers arranged rums with exotic flavors of banana, vanilla and pineapple to delight every palate.

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