Chocolate Powder

Try our luxury range of pure cocoa, caramel, white or milk hot chocolates crafted according to traditional hot-chocolate recipes.

Chocolate has become a very common product that can be found almost everywhere and in several variations : dark, milk and white chocolate, which themselves exist in different forms. These include chocolate powder, chocolate bars, chocolate squares and chocolate snacks.

Through the sweet shop of Le Comptoir Irlandais, discover different chocolate powders from the English houses Whittard of Chelsea and Cadbury: white chocolate, caramel or dark chocolate, let yourself be tempted by the flavour of your choice.

Chocolate powder is perfect for breakfast, for a snack, or simply for a relaxing moment during the day. Hot in winter or cold in summer, chocolate powder can be used according to your desires.

For a complete breakfast to start your day, accompany your chocolate powder by biscuits or porridges.

Chocolate powder in the kitchen

Cocoa powder will allow you to make delicious hot or cold drinks, but also to prepare multiple desserts, each as appetizing as the other. Cakes made with cocoa powder and other cakes are in your hands. Discover several ideas for recipes with chocolate powder in our cooking corner of the blog, such as chocolate milkshake or delicious hot chocolate with caramel.

However, you don't have to limit yourself to desserts, as cocoa powder can also be used in some savoury dishes.

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