Whisky glasses

The choice of whisky glass is the basis of the tasting experience. The glass allows the opening of aromas for optimal tasting.

What is the ideal whisky glass?

In the glassware category, Le Comptoir Irlandais offers whisky glasses, perfect for your tastings. Do you know which glass is ideal to appreciate all its richness and subtlety?

The choice of whisky glass is the basis of the tasting experience. The glass allows the aromas to open up for optimal tasting.

The wide, stemless glass is often seen as THE whisky glass, but this is not true. This image has been conveyed by American films after the Second World War. This glass is ideal for a cocktail, for drinking whisky on the rocks or on whisky stones, but not for tasting.

The stemmed glass, often referred to as a "wine glass", is also suitable for tasting whisky. The size of the stem is not very important, it is the shape of the glass that counts: the top of the glass is narrower to refine the aromas. The so-called "tulip glass" is the ideal type of glass for whisky tasting, to appreciate all its richness and subtlety.

If you want to compare two different whiskies at a tasting, it is best to use the same glass to be as objective as possible.

Whisky for beginners and experts

Le Comptoir Irlandais' whisky cellar contains over 1,000 references from all over the world.

From their regular visits to the best distilleries around the world, our experts have been bringing back the treasures of the prestigious houses for over 30 years.

Discover the best selection of Single Malts, Single Casks, peated whiskies and more from Ireland, Scotland and beyond.

You can also find our exclusive whiskies, exceptional whiskies, limited editions, gift boxes and tasting accessories, for beginners as well as for experts in the world of malt!

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